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  • लेखापरीक्षण गराउने बारेको सूचना ! (प्रथम पटक प्रकाशितः २०७६ असोज १७)


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Kalika Multiple Campus (KMC) is a community based Academic Institution established in southern east part of Pokhara valley in 2048 BS. It is primarily dedicated to deliver quality education to students whose financial situations don’t permit them to pursue higher studies in expensive campuses.

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The vision of Kalika Multiple Campus is to be developed as center of academic excellence in terms of delivery of quality education and research culture being committed to promoting community based university which will meet the demand of students in entire western region.


The mission of Kalika Multiple Campus is to deliver qualitative & value-based education to all students including socially disadvantaged, Muslim, Janajati, Dalit, marginalized and financially handicapped at affordable cost having developed state of art infrastructures, research culture and technology.


• Academic Excellence
• Student success
• Responsive to community
• Good governance
• Inclusion & Teamwork
• Integrity
• Diversity


Program Streams Major Subjects Affilition
10+2 Programs Management
All prescribed subjects
English, Nepali
All prescribed subjects
English, Nepali
HSEB, Nepal
Bachelor Program Management

English, Nepali
English, Nepali
TU, Nepal
Master’s Degree Program Humanities Rural Development (RD) TU, Nepal
Management Finance TU, Nepal

Student's Voice

  • Teachers at KMC are excellent and friendly. They not only treat students professionally but also encourage them for self directive learning. Campus rules and regulations are also favorable. Students are very coopreative. I am convinced that KMC will help me to secure my career because female students are treated as daughters and male ones as sons here.

    Gita Thapa
    Faculty: Humanities Level: XI Class
  • KMC is an excellent place to pursue higeher education as lectures are highly professional and campus environment is suitable for learning. For last a few months, the campus has been organizing new programs such as orientations, seminars & workshops and as a matter of fact, such activities never occoured before. I believe QAA activities are necessary to improve academic quality and physical infrastructures of campus. Thus, I request all my friends and faculty members to take active part to achieve QAA accreditation.

    Kamana Thapa
    Faculty: Management Level: BBS First year
  • I am glad to see some strong initiatives for QAA Certification by our campus. QAA accrediation is necessary for every Higher Educational Institution in Nepal because it enables campus to promote its overall quality to meet global standard. We are happy to be part of various campus committees which work for campus reform. Let’s work hand in hand to make QAA mission a success.

    Sujana Roka
    Faculty: Management Level: BBS II Year
  • A few years ago, there was a practice of using black board and chalk in our campus but from last three years they were replaced by white board and markers. But from this year, the campus started the practice of using multimedia in the class and students are also encouraged to participate in interactive learning. If lecturers are supported by multimedia, they become very interesting and effective.” This type of practice is needed to get rid of rote learn based teaching.

    Sher Bdr Khatri
    Faculty: Education Level: BED II Year
  • I am very happy to join KMC because the academic environment is vibrant here. Students are encouraged to participate in class room discussion by teachers. Also from this year, students have been included in various committees such as disciplinary committee, library committee, sports committee & scholarship committee. This sort of innovative practice is useful to develop a team culture in that every student, parent, and faculty member can have opportunity to contribute for campus reform as envisioned by QAA.

    Seejan Chhanyantal
    Faculty: Management Level: BBS II year
  • We are glad to see some healthy signs of innovative initiatives in our campus these days. Student centered orientation programs were highly informative for a student like me. If we all work collectively, we will be able to improve upon the quality of our campus further.

    Susmita Karki
    Faculty: Management Level: BBS III year
  • I appreciate that the classes at our campus have been running smoothly with out any disturbance. Students take pride in dress code and it would be better if all the members of campus family wear formal dress. There was an urgent need of our campus website and I am happy to hear that the website is under construction now. I hope urgent notices such as university registration, exam routine, board/university exam center, practice teaching, etc. will be displayed in website and thus, students can remain updated from anywhere, anytime.

    Pramila Baral
    Faculty: Humanities Level: B A Ist year
  • I realize a college choice is a serious decision for every student in their life but I am satisfied that I have taken right decision by joining KMC to pursue higher studies. Some students go miles away seeking quality education but I recommend all perspective students to join this campus without any dilemma. Some facilities of joining KMC include charming scholarship, highly qualified teachers, affordable fees, multimedia supported teaching, well equipped library, hygienic canteen, extra-curricular activities, prime location & supportive staff.

    Pooja Gurung
    Faculty: Management Level: Bachelor 3rd year
  • My impression about KMC is that its environment quite suitable for academic endeavour. It has been delivering quality education at affordable fee. All professors and lectures are well experienced, friendly, inspiring and encouraging. I have seen radical progress in administration, physical infrastructures development and delivery of quality education. I see bright future of this campus. I am very grateful and privileged to study here.

    Prem Tamang
    Faculty: Education Level: BED 2nd year
  • As a student, I have collected wonderful experience at KMC. The campus environment is warm, welcoming and vibrant. Teachers are very honest, hardworking and amicable. Students are given opportunity to take part in various activities held in & outside campus and also are encouraged to focus in academic endeavour. Last Poush, on the occasion of silver jublee celebration declaration ceremony, I was given opportunity run the program which boosted up my confidence and I term it an overwhelming experience. I find Mr Balakrishna Sharma, the campus chief very polite, down to earth personality and moreover a father like figure who is all loving, all caring & all inspiring. In my experience, KMC is a perfect place to join as it surely enables every student to achieve their cherished dreams.

    Anjali Verma
    Faculty: Humanities Level: BA 1st year

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